What next?

I am planning life after house sitting.  I have for a long time considered driving around Australia on my own.  Have camera, will travel.  At this point, this is what I am planning - to leave Brisbane some time in December, and head south.

My mother and sister are in Adelaide, so I may be there by Christmas - maybe just before, or it might work out that I don't get there until after.  To early to be specific.  But, bit by bit, I am making small plans.

I have a route mapped out.  I want to go out west from Brisbane - see what is out there in places I have never visited.

I am purchasing, or hunting in the shops for quality items at low cost to help make my journey comfortable.  I am buying a tent and a sleeping bag (the latter is on layby already) and I laugh and say I hope not to use either of them!!!!  Still, as a Girl Guide we learned to "be prepared", so I am.

There's a list in my Excel files - growing bigger by the day, of items I am hoping to take.  I am looking for lightweight, low cost items, though some I will have to pay a premium for.

What should I take???


textilefiend said…
If you don't plan to sleep in either the tent or the sleeping bag, where are you planning to sleep?? Seriously, sounds great!!
Di Hill said…
Hi textilefiend, Thank you for visiting. I am lucky that (a) I do have some funds for staying in hotel/motel accommodation, and I also have friends and family all around Australia who have offered me a bed and a roof over my head. One of my early stops is to visit my sister and see my Mum who will be 97 by then. I may not need the sleeping bag, and tent, but some places I may choose to.
Vic said…
Take a camp stove, the little one that runs on gas canisters, about $14 and four cans about $12. need that coffee hit first thing in the morning. Going west is brilliant, lots of good photo opps. I got second in Pine Rivers show last year for a plate of food! Just a quick snapshot but like you we have many many photos that are not quite good enough.
Di Hill said…
Yes, Vic, I was looking at them yesterday. They are on my list, but I also experimented today with a candle and a can of water - surprised that it was hot enough in 30 mins for tea or coffee!

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