Two Duck Stories

I wrote previously about the family of ducks that live nearby - mother and father duck and fifteen babies.  I watched them pecking at the grass on the side of the road when they were little  and have been pleased to see them all recently - it appears that all or most survived.  It is hard to count 17 ducks as they wander around and I am in my car passing!

The other day, not far away, a family of ducks caused some traffic chaos.  As I drove out into the busy road, I found the traffic had stopped.   I could not see what the problem was initially - there appeared to be no accident, but the cars were lining up and there were about 8 cars just waiting.  Only the first car could see what was happening.

Then, I could see.  A row of ducks was crossing the road.  Drivers were patient, as the ducks, in no hurry, meandered across the road to the safety of the other side.  Then the cars moved on.

Nice to see.  Rather amusing.


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