Things to do, people to see...

I spent an hour this morning listening to a Webinar.  It is not something I do regularly - I remember doing it once, but not lately.   I do receive ProBlogger newsletters, but from time to time have had limited time to take in the superb information, but from June 1, I am going to concentrate on a number of things in my life.  I'll explain later.

Slowly over the last few years I have taken an extreme interest in photography, and have purchased a Canon SLR 1100D Camera.  Probably a bit technical for me, but my last photography class cleared up a lot of this for me.  And only a week or so ago, I was asked to put my photos, on cards for a local shop - Wynnum Markets.  I had a busy time selecting some photos of local places - Wynnum Jetty, Shire Clerk's Cottage, Manly Harbour, Waterloo Bay Hotel, etc - and putting them on cards, and in packets with envelope.   Today I delivered 40 of them ready for sale.  Shall be interesting to see how they go. Or not.  But tourists might find them of value.

Listening to the webinar sent me back to Problogger's website.  I listened and watched his video on the value of adding video to a blog.  Can I?  Yes, I can.  I have all the equipment to do so.  Will I?  Not sure.  Still, it has all reminded me of the value from his site, and as I intend to be more 'out there' with my blog, I'd better take note of the wonderful material that he has.

Now I have finished my study I can focus on some other interests in my life.

As well, I made a few phone calls, made three trips into Wynnum (sadly I could not co ordinate them all at the one time, but have managed to sort a few things out for a function next month.

And I think I will be hosting a "Let's get back to Letter Writing" workshop in the next few weeks.  I do like the idea of handwriting letters, and do short notes on my cards.  I wonder if anyone else is interested in making sure the art of handwriting letters is not lost?  We will see.


Tracey said…
I too love the art of handwriting. A lost communication for sure. Although my handwriting has gone pretty downhill since the computer era.

I was wondering if you'd consider submitting something to a new project I"m working on: I think you'd be a great fit. It collects inspirational, everday stories. Perhaps you could take pen in hand and share your thoughts. :)
Di Hill said…
Thank you for visiting Tracey. I love your website. Me write a story for you? Will give it some thought. I too find it challenging to write much, but I do write long notes in the cards I make - on which I paste photos I take. I hope my photos can be shared around.
Anonymous said…
Looks like you are one of my kind of people...with an adventurous heart...I hope it all goes well with you.
Anonymous said…
Lovely to see someone else on the road and house sitting.
Di Hill said…
I love adventure. Keeps my young, I hope.

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