I am pretty adept at sleeping well - especially if I have done some exercise and follow my nightly ritual (ABC Classic Radio on for one hour, and reading until the eye lids start to waver), but at this house sit, it is the bloke I sleep with that keeps me awake at night and is responsible for my regular fatigue.

Wynnum Jetty before sunup.  (At least I am woken early for some wonderful photos!)

The bloke, as I often refer to him as, is Marti the little fluffy Maltese terrier (terrorist) that is my constant shadow.  I know I am here for him, and not much else, and have been slave to him for all these months, but he's driving me crazy.

I do laughingly make comment from time to time that I am tired because "the bloke I sleep with snores and shakes", so most folk think I have a human with me.  Nope, it is just this tiny little cute dog, who is clearly a control freak.

Lately as the weather is cooler he tries to cuddle up to me at night, and by 5 am he is ready for some action.  I am an early riser, but sometimes, just sometimes Marti, I'd like to keep the eyes closed until at least 7 am.

When he wakes and is readying for action, he creeps up towards my head, and if I peep over the sheet there is this white face with huge black eyes looking at me.

Now, I often do a countdown as my house sit nears the end, but I am now doing a count to a night when I don't have to sleep with a dog.  Just four weeks, and here I come.  I have about 6 weeks with no animal, then a break of about 3 weeks, before the next house sit - with another small dog.  Luckily Ally sleeps in the laundry.  Peace at last?  Sleepins?


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