Photography Classes

The weather wasn't looking good earlier in the week, but we awoke today to a very cold morning, but the skies are clearing and sun is out, so I am more hopeful that there will be some good light this afternoon for class.

When I first went to China in 2008, I took a small digital point and click camera, and so wish now that I had progressed to a SLR, but am so pleased that I have a Canon 1100D to work with.  I did have an earlier Canon, in my last trips overseas, but I have so many photos that are just not quite good enough.

I have had several classes since my return, and today I set off for another one.  I am determined to master much more of my Canon and not rely on the automated settings that I often resort to.  The classes are at Chermside, just streets away from where we lived some 20 years ago.  I've not been back there for many years.

The classes are with a company called Take Better Photos. One of the things that encouraged me to join there class was that they give each participant/student cards with easy instructions for using the more complex setting on the camera - and they get YOUR camera's instructions.  I like the sound of that and I am looking forward to seeing if they measure up.

The course I am doing is the Travel and Landscape Course, and is at Downfall Creek Bushland Centre, at Chermside.  I am all ready with my camera (fully charged), tripod, and everything else I will need, including a warm coat, and umbrella (just in case) though there are indoor areas so we need not get wet.

Have a look at the Downfall Creek Bushland Centre here.

I have also joined the Bayside Wynnum Camera Club and for the last two months have submitted my photographs for the in-club competition.  There is so much to learn, and I do want to take quality photos on my journey.


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