Photography Class

I use two cameras - one a Samsung PL 120 digital camera, which I keep in my bag, so I have it 24 hours a day at the ready.  My other camera is a Canon EOS 1100D which I take with me if I am planning to take photos at a function (I do the Wynnum Chamber of Commerce events), and I do take it when I am looking for special shots, travelling etc.

When travelling it is always useful to have two cameras, though I recognise that I could use my mobile phone too.  I once in China my digital camera died, and I had a lot of challenges getting another one.  They all seemed extremely expensive, and I eventually had one posted from Australia - and that was another challenge, as for some reason the post office wouldn't deliver it to me.  A long and amusing story for another time.

I always struggle with the finer points of using a SLR, so mostly will use any of the automatic options available to me, but I know they are limiting and I know the camera and I can do much better if I knew (or remembered) the settings when I was out and about.

The course through Take Better Photos yesterday, has been very helpful and given me many ideas for taking photos on my journey.  I have done two other courses  but this one was the best by far.  So professional too.  I received a notes folder that looked much smarter than the few printed pages I received on one previous course, (and another more expensive one provided no notes at all!).  But best by far was the 'cheat cards' a collection of 5 small laminated cards with all the information I need - settings etc.  They came with a ring to attach to my camera, so they are always there, and a tiny light, which we used to take this photo.

I had not driven around the north side of Brisbane for a long time - well, at least not around the Chermside area, and boy, it has changed.  We used to live there, and on my way to the class - I was very early, I passed by the house at Aspley that we lived in, in the 1980's (unchanged), the house we lived in at Stafford Heights (major changes there with a huge deck where we once considered doing so, and a garage on the front of the house and fencing, and the house at Chermside West, which was also unchanged.

I can use any of the above cameras for video - which I do use from time to time.  Also I have ordered a mini digital camera, which will afix to my windscreen somewhere, so that I can record some detail of my travels as I drive.   Am hoping to catch some images of camels, kangaroos or emus on the side of the road.  Dangerous things on the unfenced roads of the outback.


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