No 11 again?

It has been a good week - particular as I have been able to lock in some dates for my house sitting for the rest of the year.

The owner of this house (No 11) returns on June 30th, and I will move into another house close by for about 8 weeks, then I have some weeks to travel - am hoping to (a) go to Rockhampton for a couple of days on the train and (b) go to Melbourne and perhaps Adelaide, before returning for another 8 weeks at a home somewhat east from here.  (No 11).

Both these places have a pool - but I don't whether that will be of interest to me until September, October, November.

I had a query as someone wants to house sit to earn money to pay of a debt.  I don't think this is  a way to do that.  I do not get paid, nor do I want to, but even so, it is hardly a quick way to make money.  Doing surveys on line might be more profitable.

I am still making plans for the rest of the year....  still not sure of some things.  We will see.


Anonymous said…
Hi Di

I'm so pleased I stumbled across your blog and have enjoyed reading about all your adventures...

I was wondering whether you had any advice on finding housesitting jobs in Bali or had any contact info you could share. If you'd prefer to drop me an email it would be greatly appreciated!

Happy and safe travels :)
Di Hill said…
I have sent you an email. Thanks for visiting.

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