Maps and more

I have been using the Maps app on my tablet to find information about the route I plan to travel, but today went to RACQ to find a few hard copy maps.  I have been a member  for a while, and this entitles me to some free maps.  One is Outback Queensland Travellers' Guide 2012, and the other is a neat map of Queensland and Australia.  I also scored a book of accommodation all around Australia.

I have often used RACQ Trip planner to plan where I am going to go - (outside of the city that is) and I find it most useful.  I have printed out the pages giving me instructions to get to Charleville from Brisbane - not that I need the directions, but the mileage is of great help.

I also visited Dick Smith's to ask some questions about UHF radio.  I will get one for emergencies, as clearly my phone will only work in the big towns around Australia.

Sometimes I have a little laugh to myself.  Most of our trips south (and over the years did quite a few from Brisbane to Melbourne or Adelaide) but they were very quick and usually with the children seated in the back.  We would stay one night usually each direction, as both of us (me and MM) could drive.

This trip is different.  I will be on my own, and taking time.  If the budget allows I will stay in some motels, but I am mindful of a limited budget, so if I have to stay in the tent, that will be ok too.

Some of my planning brings back memories of my days as a Girl Guide - I remember the heavy canvas tents and the timber poles and heavy pegs.  Today's camping is very light weight in comparison, and there are so many things to make life easier on the open road.  No sleeping on the hard ground for me - if I do have to spend time in the tent, I will have a blow-up mattress.

So different.


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