Awesome video of adventurer

I like to see myself as a 'bit of an adventurer' - nothing like this guy.  I was attracted to the video not only because of the topic, I am exploring blogs with videos, and from the first view of the video,  I thought the guy had no legs.  Clearly, when you watch the video, he does have both legs.

I was looking for blogs about adventurers - senior ones, but all I found is US  websites promoting travel by seniors.  I'm  not one to go into the snow/icy places because my body does not like cold.  It hates it and makes me sick, but I would perhaps enjoy the wonder of the ice.  Climbing up?  Not me - ever.  Even scary sideshow alley rides have freaked me.  This video is awesome though.

Luckily on my adventure I am most unlikely to see snow, and the only ice is likely to be in a drink!!!

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