Helicopters hovering....

I know there is a big news story nearby - as there are news helicopters hovering.  They have been doing so for more than half an hour - they were then when I came home.

It does remind me of the house sit last year at Paddington, during the Brisbane floods.  I was luckily well above flood level there, but rather boxed in as it was difficult to go anywhere because of the floods and the supermarkets had been cleaned out.  Nothing to do but stay home, but the constant - it went on for days as did the flood - hovering of helicopters, and traversing from one place to the television studios at Mt Coot-tha, which was not far away was constant.

Today I feel the tension that I experienced at the time of the flood.  This time I think it is because of an industrial accident not far from where I am staying.  The only thing I can find on the websites of the news (print, television) is scant detail of an accident where a young man is trapped in the crushed cabin of a crane which tipped over.

I guess I won't know until the news tonight to learn if my hunch is correct.

Postscript - what a lucky young man!  At 22 years of age his life almost came to an end, but luckily he survived with only minor injuries, but it was a precarious two hour effort to save him.  


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