Possible New House Sit

I had a call from a friend of some years recently.  She is considering getting me to look after her house while the family is overseas later this year.  I am available, so I went to have a look at the house and a chat with my friend.

It would be far the biggest house I have ever been in - and not far from where I am now.  Even get garage space as they have a four car garage.  Plus a huge back yard and no I don't have to mow the lawns - the gardener comes in to do that.

There's a huge outdoor kitchen too - not sure how I will use that as it will be during winter.  Mmm.  And a cute little poodle to look after.  Cute and cuddly.

I'll know in a week or so if I need to lock this one into my diary.  Looks good.


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