Long Term House Sitting

I'm betwixt and between on this.  I have done short house sitting 'contracts' and longer ones, and each have their pro's and con's.

Short ones are easy - more like a holiday in a way and I don't need to take much of my own belongings.  I do like my own bedlinen and bath towels, but generally can get by with using the owners things without any hassles.  Some things can be annoying - as clearly we do things differently.  I love using my stick mixer, but not all houses have them - but this item is easy to take.  I like using my bicycle - but I cannot carry it in/on my car, so for short term housesits I go without, but long term ones I like to have the use of it.  Sometimes it is challenging to store it - I don't like leaving it outside - would have to dismantle the battery etc.

And the longer one stays at a house the more 'stuff' one accumulates which has challenges on its own.  I no longer have a home base, so have more things with me - and others in a shipping container.  It is a pain, sometimes.

I recall after Christmas looking at all the things I had accumulated as gifts.  While I am happy and grateful for the gifts, I see it as another load for my car to the shipping container when I move from here, and to complicate matters my daughter is considering selling the property so I will have to consider other options for storage.

Today's annoyance is the washing machine which has been playing up for some time.  It either stops mid way through a cycle, or (and this is the most common issue) it does not spin, so all the washing has to be hand wrung.  It then clearly takes longer to dry, and with the constant inclement weather it adds further complications to my life.  I'm over it.  The owners were going to deal with it when they were home recently, but didn't do so.  So I am stuck with it for the next few months unless I can convince them to take action now.

If it was my own home I could have/would have dealt with it months ago - but as time goes on it is a constant annoyance.

One of the outside lights doesn't work.  I've tried to remove the outer - as I do not even know which globe needs to be purchased.  I will eventually sort it out - but it is annoying.


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