Marti and Me.

I am back in Wakerley, looking after the house and Marti - my little mate who welcomed me back as if I hadn't been gone.  His real Mum and Dad are back in Shanghai China, so for Marti and I life goes on just as it had been prior to their short visit home to Brisbane.

I'm settled back into a routine and back into the study (I am still working on my bamboo project)  - with a few other things to keep me occupied as well.

Marti hates storms and when one rather small one I must say, 'hit' around 4 am this morning, he was clearly distressed.  He sat on my 'panting' but though I spoke with him occasionally he didn't seem to be doing anything else that he shouldn't.

I was unable to go back to sleep - so I am somewhat tired, but have decided NOT to have a Nana nap today, and go to bed early tonight.

I had a call from someone else wanting me to house sit - and it might just fit in with my plans.  I am due to finish here around June 30th, and am needed at her house, also in Wakerley on July 6th, for a month.

Meanwhile right now, Marti is listening for a storm - the skies have gone grey and if I was not staring at a computer screen I would have to switch a light on  - will wait and see what happens.


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