In Bali - Indonesia

What a long day it has been.  I left the house sit house at 7.30 am, and took my car to my daughter's place, before heading off to the Brisbane International Airport and my flight to Bali.

It is a 5 1/2 hour flight - long and tiring, though no complaints about any of that.  I knew it was a long flight. 

Denpasar Airport was busy when we arrived - quite a few flights had arrived, and my man Sammy was there to meet me, and another couple who are staying near by.  Quite an amazing ride through the narrow streets with chaotic traffic to arrive at our hotels.

I note the great piles of rubbish here - reminds me of China.  I loved seeing the guy on the book gate at the hotel.  He had a huge handle on the boom and he spends all his working day pulling it up or down, allowing the boom gate to go up or down.

I've had a short work around, in part to get my bearings, and I've had a swim.  It is overcast with showers, so the photo of the sunset wasn't to be this afternoon.  Maybe tomorrow.


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