Day Two - Bali Belly

Was it something I ate on the bicycle tour?  Was it the luwak coffee?  Whatever, I was not well the following day, and even had to decline my trip.  Luckily I was well enough to go from Legian to Ubud the following day.

My driver and a tour guide arrived around midday to take me and my luggage to the resort in Ubud, and I talked them into taking me to The Green Village first.  It was quite funny as the driver in particular was getting frustrated.  He was lost on more than one occasion. I could see his disinterest and in fact annoyance of my request.  Eventually though we arrived and I saw him change.

Within seconds of arriving his eyes open wide like huge saucers as he observed some of the houses near the parking area.  My Guide was also wide eyed, especially when he found that my guide from The Green Village, was someone he worked with years ago - as seaman on board a cargo ship travelling the world.

I inivted both men to join the tour with me - and I could see the expression on their faces as they saw the magnificent bamboo houses, fittings and furniture.  Though the driver whispered to me.  "Snakes?  There are many snakes in the jungle - they must get in????  Apparently not - they cannot slither up the bamboo poles.

Sadly I could not take any photos.  But you will see for yourself on the website.  The driver will never be the same - he saw the potential for bamboo and was amazed that someone from Australia should show him something like that.

From there we went to Pertiwi Resort, Ubud, along the Money Forest Road. and I started to explore Uud. 


kalvin said…
Day Two - Bali Belly. Was it something I ate on the bicycle tour? Was it the luwak coffee? Whatever, I was not well the following day, and even ...

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