Day One in Bali

I joined the throng in the restaurant for breakfast - not bad, no complaints, and later arrived in the hotel foyer where I met on of my tour guides for a 'downhill bicycle ride'.  We did have to laugh as the tour did not quite match the description.

First of all we were taken to a coffee place - not a plantation, but they sold coffee there, especially the coffee 'treated' by the luwak.  I must say that even knowing that the coffee beans had been defecated by this weird little animal, I had to admit it was a good coffee, but I didn't buy any of the grounds.  No thanks.

From there we went to a place adjacent to the Batur volcano - an active volcano, but corrently in rest. 

We had 'breakfast' in a little cafe with the view above in the background.  We had banana fritters and fruit.

From there there was a short journey in the car before we were met by our bicycles.

A little test ride, before we set off.  The bicycles were not build for tall people, though I managed to raise the seat, but I found it a challenge to pedal.  It was ok on level ground or going down hill,
but we were told the route had been changed because of some religious festival, and we had a 2 km uphill section, which I found impossible, so I walked it.

It was certainly interesting riding through the villages, and rice fields, but oh, how I wish I had my ebike in Bali.

We eventually arrived at a place overlooking beautiful rice terraces, and we said 'goodbye to our tour guides from HaiBaliBicycle tours. 

It was mid afternoon, in a small restaurant that we enjoyed another meal - late lunch/early dinner.

The backdrop was spectacular - overlooking rice terraces.


Minuet Sandifer said…
I have always dreamed of going to Bali--I just stumbled upon your blog and am mesmerized by your travels! What an amazing life you seem to have!
I'm now a "follower".

<3 Minuet
Di Hill said…
Hello Minuet - thank you for visiting my blog. You would love Bali. There is so much jewelry design there too - so maybe one day you can get there to see for yourself.

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