Sunday, January 8

Time flies when you are having fun!

Sanctuary Cove
It is hard to believe that it is over a week since I posted.  But of course, we have been busy.  Bev and I travelled back and forth to various places of interest around Brisbane, went to the movies twice, and tried to rest.  Actually I tried to study - but it was challenging.

The broken pot
One morning as we were sitting drinking coffee/tea we heard a loud crack, and it seemed something small hit the side of the house.  Later when I went outside I discovered the cause.  There is a big pot of Jade plant, and it is clearly pot bound - I suggest that the pot had just had enough and gave up - cracking all around.  No other damage done, so I removed the broken pottery, and found a larger pot which was empty, and just lifted the jade and dropped it neatly into the bigger pot.  I think it will be a long while before the roots protest again!

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