South Bank

We did sleep in a little on New Year's Day, and slowly recovered - not much drinking so no need to recover except from the late night.  We decided to go to the movies at South Bank - to see We Bought a Zoo.  So off we went, ready for the first afternoon session.

I will not go to the South Bank theatre again - I think it is stupid that if you want to use the lift, you have to ask a staff member.  Which I did, but I don't know what happened as I didn't see one appear, and had to go and ask again.  I really don't feel safe/comfortably climbing so many stairs.  By the time we got into the theatre, there were few seats left, except in the front rows, so we sat apart.

A great movie.

Afterwards we walked around South Bank.  It was such a beautiful day.  It is hard to believe that just over one year ago, this place was all under water from the inglorious Brisbane floods of 2011.

Look at it now!

South Bank Pool on New Year's Day

South Bank Pool looking towards the city

The Go Between Bridge over the Brisbane River

Looking back to the city from near the Maritime Museum
Jess Watson's boat at the Maritime Museum

There are new restaurants towards the Maritime Museum - and it looks absolutely stunning.  The Maritime Museum is a must see - especially as Jessica Watson's yacht is not on show there.


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