Sunday, January 8

New Year's Eve

Tartufo - this restaurant opened around October 2010, and we celebrated the new year there (Dec 2010), as our son Gavin, was performing on the night.  Again this was to be - and so we booked in again.  Actually there were almost a dozen family and friends in the house that night.

Gavin sang on his own earlier in the night before Simon Bower arrived and found a place at the grand piano.  The entertainment continued, and at midnight we all joined in the celebrations as the count down was shown on a screen.

The food was awesome - thank you Tony and team - and all in all it was a good night.  I had chosen to drive as we figured it would be challenging trying to get back home on public transport, or getting a taxi, so I celebrated with a glass of wine sometime after 1 am.  At least we had a sleep in.

The food at tartufo was excellent.  Thank you Tony and Team!!!

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