New house sit offers

Life is quite an adventure - and I find with house sitting I am always changing direction.  Actually I have my direction changed for me.  I am going to stay with a friend for a few days when I return from Bali, but she has asked me to spend several weeks looking after her house when this house sit is over.

It is worth thinking about - I have made no decision, but it is a lovely house, near where all my 'action' is, and I know I will love it.  It is close to the sea, and wonderful for long rides on my bicycle.  That sounds really good.

I do get regular offers from a couple of house sitting websites, and some sound exciting, but none that really suited me at this point - mostly timing as I am already book.  I am curious though, about the number of dogs and other animals that people keep.

Could I look after 3 dogs?  House dogs?  No way.

Of course I have looked after dogs, but usually one at a time.  Cats - yes, I've had two at a time, but I baulk at the idea of running around after more than one dog.

I certainly am looking forward to the few days after I return from Bali - I have so much writing to do.  I am writing about bamboo at the moment - you can read some of the information that I have found here.


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