In limbo - a little

I am back at the house for a week - the owners are in Tasmania and will return on Wednesday, but I will have left for a week in Bali.

I planned the Bali trip for two reasons - (1) with the owners home I felt I had to find somewhere else to stay and (b) I am researching bamboo.

After Bali I am back again in Brisbane, but as the owners are not leaving until February 11th, I will be looking for a bed with a friend.

Living out of a suitcase is not my idea of fun, but it is a reality for me at the moment as until the owners go, I am not on a great position to do much else - especially with the "to ing" and "fro ing".

It may be the end of June before I need to move on again - and I am not sure where I will go, then.  I'm not wasting any energy thinking about it now.

Am I getting sick of house sitting?  I guess the main thing is that I long to have my own space - my own home.  I don't know when that will happen.  I don't know what that part of my future will be.

The rain is almost non stop here in Brisbane at the moment, it is overcast and quite depressing.  When you need lights on in the house to see anything, it is depressing.  I have though been making some cards using photos that I took over the last few weeks.  Most of them are photos taken in Western Australia.

I have set up a new site where I am going to feature my photos.  You might like to visit it.  Click here.


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