Home Alone - after the Tennis

Our view of the centre court!
 For the second year in a row, Bev and I attended the Brisbane International at the Pat Rafter Centre at Tennyson.  We did look a the peaceful Brisbane River flowing past and wondered how the river could have risen so much to flood the centre court.  Hard to comprehend.

Ball boys and girls warm up before the games started.
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We had a look around prior to the start of action on the centre court, and saw Serina Williams practicing on the outer court.  We were not to see her play on centre court - but enjoyed the whole day's experience.

Serena Williams at practice - with quite a group of spectators around the court.  She certainly was the centre of attention!
Serena at practice with mother Oracene sitting beside the court.

(In between games I learned how to upload photos onto Facebook from my phone.  Clever me.  I have only had the new phone for about 8 months!)

The day after our outing at the tennis, Bev departed - flying back to Perth about mid morning.  My granddaughter was with me when we went to the airport, and then we two 'shopaholics' went on to DFO.


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