Downside of House Sitting

Nothing is perfect - including house sitting.  There are lot of little things that are annoying.  Really not having your OWN space is one of them.  "My" things are in every room of the house almost and as is happening in the next weeks, the owners are home for a while.  I am moving out.  Now I know I am free to stay, but it is rather awkward, so it is my excuse to do a little travelling.

However, I try to leave the house just as it was when they left, clean tidy and without my things scattered.  I don't have a house to go to so my things will go to the shipping container at my daughter's place.   Pack the boxes, move the boxes, store the boxes.

I have two 'cleaners' coming on Friday - two granddaughters keen to earn extra money.

Meanwhile I have my writing projects to progress, and as usual I might find myself running late on all this.  Bah!  Humbug!

Working on my bamboo project will keep me busy in the next few weeks.


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