Back house sitting.

What a crazy few days.  Perth and apart from playing the traveller/tourist role I attended my friend's graduation at the Perth Convention Centre after a wonderful full on lunch at the Atrium at Burswood Casino, and a sleep in hot humid conditions, I flew to Adelaide.  I can hardly (almost) fly over Adelaide without calling to see my mother who is 97 later this year.

She was fit and well, and looking marvellous on Sunday, but a bit cranky and wild on Monday.  Still it was good to call in and see her.

On Monday night I flew on the late flight arriving back in Brisbane around 10.30 pm, and was whisked off to my daughter's place for two nights.  Today I moved back into the house sit again - at least for a week.

After the torrid heat of Perth and Adelaide, it was good to see Brisbane again.  However, it is raining - really raining with local flooding and chaos on the roads.

Why do so many silly people take a risk and drive through flooded creeks, especially where the water is fast moving.  So much wasted manpower trying to save these idiots who seem to think they have super powers, but in the end risk their lives and certainly damage or even lose their cars.

I drove just a few kilometers from my daughter's place - and had to face bumper to bumper traffic and reroute around flooded roads, to get here, but all is well.

So, today, shop, study, do my laundry, repack for the next adventure.

What a busy life!!!


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