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Dongara is a very interesting place - I love looking at the old buildings that have been there since the early settlements.  The main street is a wonderful treelined place, but when the first folk settled there it was treeless.  The Methodist Church, in old photos, stands out in the treeless landscape, but soon a deciion was made to plant a number of Moreton Bay Fig Trees that flourished, and now line the main street of Dongara providing shade, a wonderful vista and a home in summer to a flock of noisy corellas.  When the corellas come to town apparently they feast on the new shoots of the big fig trees, screech and of course leave behind piles of excreta.  So the ranger has the job of 'shooting' them - at least firing a gun with blanks, the noise from which scares them away.

As I sit typing this, I am reminded of the Dongara corellas, as across the road from where I am staying is a guy who is a bird lover, who attracts corellas and other bird life to his property by his bank of feeders.  Funny, one group of people trying to get rid of the birds, and others making them welcome.............

We went for a visit to the Dongara Museum, which is in the premises of the old Dongara Police Station,  on Thursday (12th Jan) and discovered it to be a fascinating place, helped along by the volunteer tour guide, a member of the Dongara/Port Denison Lions, whom I had met at the Lions meeting on the Monday night.  He is a long standing member of the community and knows much of the history and he certainly gave us a good tour.

Recreation - lifelike model of a prisoner in a cell - complete with 'mattress' on the floor and the bucket.

Set up as the kitchen to provide food for the prisoners, which is cleared away to make way for the court.

It was surprising to learn that the old court room is still being used for some small court cases - as there is a shortage of other venues in the area. Seems quite amusing to think that the old kitchen which supplied meals for prisoners in years past, has been resurrected as a sometime court house i
in the 21st century!!!

Old tools in the old stables

There is so much of interest there - especially the history of the rabbit in Australia, and the old prison quarters. The old stables have been revamped and there is an awesome collection of tools, animal traps, and so much more.  Well worth a visit.


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