To Tamborine

We had a more quiet morning on Boxing Day - we visited my daughter and son, and the four grandchildren as they had all stayed overnight at the daughter's house - so there was a lot of noise and laughter.

Returning to Wakerley, we watched a little television - the start of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, and then the Cricket before we had a quick lunch and left just after 1 pm for a trip to Mt Tamborine, in the hinterland above the Gold Coast.

On the way we visited Bamboo Down Under (I am doing some research for something I am writing on Bamboo for uni).  It is such a wonderful place.  We could spend a whole day there.

There is so much bamboo growing and there is a maze, a bamboo tunnel and several places to meditate among the bamboo.

Huge Bamboo growing in Bamboo Down Under

Bamboo Pavilion at Bamboo Down Under

Bamboo Tunnel at Bamboo Down Under

Looking west from Mt Tamborine (sadly there were fires so it is a bit smokey)

The shopping area of Mt Tamborine


Oprah beth said…
I really like the photo of Bamboo pavilion. What a lovely Place! I have never been to Australia. But now I am making a plan to visit Mount tambourine.
Oprah beth said…
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Mt Tamborine said…
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