Saturday, December 17

Stradbroke Island - North

The Brisbane River flows through the city of Brisbane and out into Moreton Bay, which has quite a few islands, large and small.  One of the big ones is North Stradbroke Island, and this was our destination yesterday.

The weather was overcast, but it did not rain, although on several occasions 'sprinkles' appeared to fall from above, but it was all over in seconds.  Not the best for photography though.

I drove to Cleveland, and parked the car near Toondah Harbour, and we walked the short distance to the waiting area for the Big Red Cat.   Soon the Big Red Cat appeared on its return from Straddie, and we were soon on board.  We went straight into the cafe/seating area, as it gave us a perfect view of the choppy seas, and a comfortable seat.  The journey takes 45 minutes across to Dunwich, but it was a pleasant trip, though certainly would have been better if the sun had been out, and no wind.

When we arrived at Dunwich we discovered that at near midday there were no buses - and there was an hour or so wait, so we negotiated with three young schoolies, who also wanted to get to Pt Lookout, to catch a taxi and share the cost.

At Lookout, we went for a walk around the gorge - which is quite spectacular and has been recently upgraded with good rubberised walking tracks and stairs with safety fences.  Quite an improvement from when I was there 15 months ago.

We did the walk, took lots of photos and then walked all the way back to the Stradbroke Hotel, but were just a few minutes late for lunch.  So we sat and ate our own snacks, while having a Lemon Lime and Bitters, before slowly making our way to the bus stop, and the return journey.

The bus was full on the way back, but we managed to get seats, though they were a little precarious as the bus hurled around some bends in the 10 kms back to Dunwich, where we only had a few minutes wait before the Big Red Cat appeared, and we were on our way back to the mainland.


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