Monday, December 19


With Bev staying here from Western Australia, I phoned another ex-nurse from Mt Gambier, and surprise she had another from our cohort there, so we were invited to dinner that night.  It was so much fun catching up on news of each other's activities in the past 40 odd years.   We chatted well into the night!!!!

We have decided to try and organise another reunion, perhaps in South Australia, though there are quite a few with connections in Queensland.

A newsletter will be first off the mark.  Bev and I 'created' a committee, with her as President, me as Secretary and Newsletter Editor, and one of the 'team' in Adelaide on a 'sub committee'.  The latter is sending me names and addresses of some of the others, and we have created a Facebook page.

We have a number of photographs of those days as trainee nurses in Mt Gambier.  I've included one here.

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