Me and my electric bike

I do love cycling and I know I 'cheat' a little having an electric bike, but it works for me - especially as it protects my 'dicky knee' - doesn't give me trouble unless I push it.

Living at Paddington with its hilly terrain, I didn't have it with me, but here at Wakerley, it is mostly flat land, with some undulation, but quite suitable for me and my bike.  However, finding a time when the weather was good, has been a challenge, but today I took my bike for a spin.  I initially was going to do a quick tour, and then go to the newsagent to get the Sunday paper, and return home, but on the homeward journey I chose to go further and explore another part of Wakerley.  

I found some new parks - or new to me.  It was a lovely adventure, though I feel I am sunburned on my neck.  Must get and use some sunscreen.


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