Funny things.............

I am happy in the house - all is well.  I have had a couple of amusing incidents which are worth sharing.

First of all, I collected grand daughter number two from ballet class as her mother was busy.  Her friend was with her, and the friend settled in the back seat of the car.  My old car does have air conditioning, but as the car is some 15 years old, it is not as fast and efficient as newer cars.  

The little girl in the back seat wanted to open the car window.  "DeeDee, how do you open the window of the car?"  I had to laugh as I replied "See the handle, you unwind to get the window open." She struggled - it was not something she was familiar with!  She did get it open.  Later when we arrived at our destination I asked her to close the window.  She didn't know how.  I told her to wind in the opposite direction.  Too hard. 

Her Mummy and Daddy have a modern car - apart from the fact that they would seldom need to open the window for fresh air, it is probably done by voice control, (or at least a button which depressed with open or close the window.)  I had a big laugh about that one.

Then yesterday I was leaving a meeting at the local club, and I found a very concerned women near her 'new' car.  Her friend was stuck in the back seat and they couldn't open the door.  I took a look and put my arm in the open driver's door, and flicked the knob up.  Hey presto.  

The lady joined me in laughing.  She has a remote control, and needs to press once to open the driver's door, and twice to open all doors, and if all else fails, do as I did, just lift the knob up.  :)


Jeanne Gibson said…
Hi Di.

We still have a dial phone on the kitchen wall. We hardly ever use it, but haven't bothered to replace it since we have a couple of push button phones elsewhere in the house. My grandchildren think it belongs in a museum. Maybe they're right. I much prefer the push button type, myself.
Hi Di
The technology gets too clever - if there is a power cut you need one of those phones as the cordless won't work. The kids and their tech stuff!

Hi jeanne. How is life these days?
Di Hill said…
Kids are wonderful, aren't they. I had an urgent call from my daughter yesterday, it was raining and the car would not start and the RACQ service was 2 hours away. Miss 11 year old got a battery out of her dad's shed, hooked it up, and hey presto. The car started. Mum couldn't do that.

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