Christmas at the House sit

This is the second year in a row that I have been house sitting at Christmas and this year I decided to invite the family to join me for a special lunch.

The two older grandchildren helped me with the entertainment and came to decorate the tree.  There is a great covered area at the back that is excellent for such an event - everyone could be outside in the fresh air and even if the weather was very hot, or even raining, we were protected.

On the menu was ham, turkey, tossed salad, a beetroot salad, a bean and tomato salad, a peach and onion salad, and for dessert a home made pavlova.  All the food was received well!!!

We played pass the parcel - and everyone had a chance to open the parcel and do what was required on the note - sing a Christmas carol, pretend to be a reindeer, whistle, make a kookaburra noise etc.

The family played some carols while others sang, and the girls arranged an amazing parcel game where they had 21 items in paper bags and everyone had to try and work out what was inside the bag.  A great exercise, and the winners were my son and grandson working as a team.

Santa arrived - and chatted with the children before lunch.  Even the youngest was asking - Is that our poppy?  (The secret is out!!!)

The four grandchildren had a lot of fun playing with each other - as two live in Brisbane and two on the Gold Coast, they don't get to see each other often to play.

All went very well - a wonderful Christmas.


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