Thursday, December 29

Another day of touring....

Today the itinerary included the Ginger Factory at Yandina, and the Blackall Range - calling in at Maleny.  You really do need to stay up on the mountain for a few days to see all the wonderful places in the area.  Even a week would be better, and we only had half a day.  Still - that's better than nothing.

We left Brisbane early and arrived at the Ginger Factory just after 9 am.  Yandina is the home of The Ginger Factory after it outgrew its earlier factory at Buderim, and the new site rambles through wonderful gardens with various 'pavilions' - which house exhibits, and there is a row of olde world shops beside the railway station.

The train takes visitors (for a small fee) on a long journey throughout the site, with commentary.
Entrance to Ginger Factory

The engine from a sugar cane train - built in 1901.

The grounds are spectacular - tropical and interesting, and so was the commentary.  I remember visiting the old factory at Buderim many years ago, and we have been frequent visitors to the new one and each time there is something new and interesting.

You'll need to go on the boat ride to see these - as you tour 'around the world' looking for the gingerbread man.

After the Ginger Factory, we drove through the edge of Nambour, past the new hospital complex and up to the Blackall Range.  The views are spectacular - not just of the places in the distance from so high up, but the green paddocks and lazy dairy cows, the trees, the wonderful homes and gardens.

We did not stop as we drove through Mapleton, and Flaxton but when we arrived at Maleny we found a parking spot and wandered through the maze of wonderful shops there.  We had a lovely light lunch at a Chinese restaurant, before wandering back the other side of the road to the car. I found a wonderful dress shop - with bamboo clothing - so I WILL have to go back again and soon.

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