Saturday, December 24

All Wrapped Up

Well, almost.  It is Christmas Eve and I still have  few things to do, but I have done my shopping and the parcels are all wrapped.  The Christmas tree is decorated and as it is outside I have not put the parcels under it yet.

As you can see I've wrapped the presents in newspaper.  And I am thrilled with the result.  I think we are quite crazy to spend so much money on beautiful gift wrapping paper, that is more for the giver of the gift - it is we that like to look at our handiwork and feel good about how we have presented the gift.  Hand it to the person who rips open the paper and minutes later someone is trawling around grabbing the torn shreds and putting them in the bin.

I have found The Australian the best paper to use - the colourful pictures can be selected to so that they are at least appropriate - but in any case, unless you planned well ahead, you might be like me - having to use that which is on hand.  I'm happy with it.  No, not just happy - I'm thrilled and can't wait to put it all on display tomorrow.  And yes, I have decorated with my favourite colour - purple.  Purple ribbon and lilac home made card.

Bring on Christmas.

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