Sunday, December 11

5W - Women Welcome Women World Wide

I have been a member of this organisation (5W) on and off for a while, and yesterday enjoyed their company for their Christmas lunch at Queensland University Women's College.  There was a short meeting prior to the luncheon, and some 60 or so members met to network and hear stories of travelling.  The group is essentially a friendship group, with members all around the world, and those who travel make contact with members in the countries or states they visit.

Often the members are lone female travellers, and there are boundless stories of new friendships and wonderful support for members in trouble through health or accident issues.

I marvelled at the grounds of Queensland University, tucked in a curve of the Brisbane River, on gloriously kept grounds.  I must go back and spend some time exploring the stunning campus.

Clearly there was a big graduation ceremony on yesterday as quite a few students in gown and cap headed towards the main buildings.  Parking was at a premium but I was easily able to find a park near the Women's College.

I found a stand of bamboo on the river bank - actually came away with a view that western suburbs residents grow a lot more bamboo than eastern suburbs residents.

Bamboo growing by the river.

After the function I drove to Brookfield - it has been a long time since I had been in that area, and it was quite a wonderful drive to see how things have developed around Kenmore and beyond.  We did have friends there years ago, so it was not totally unfamiliar to me.  I went to meet a bloke who grew bamboo for a hobby.  Below is a photo of one of the stands of his bamboo crop.

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