Sunday, November 27

Plenty of things to do and catch up with Friends.

It is a good feeling to have most of my major study assignments behind - I think I have done them all, but will do a quick check tomorrow.  I have already started on my project for the next semester, but I know I can have a breather now.  It has been good to catch up with friends.

I've been to Oliver's at Manly twice this week.  They have a good special of coffee and cake for $6.50.  The variety of cakes is quite amazing and clearly this is good value.

I must dine there one day - but I am a bit of a cheapskate and unless I can find someone to pick up the bill for me, I tend to be rather frugal.

It is a fabulous venue - overlooking part of Manly Harbour and the swimming pool and Little Manly Park.  

In the last few years, living in China and then house sitting, mostly to this point in the western suburbs, I lost touch with the local places, and am enjoying having the time to try out the many places in Manly.

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