New clothes

I set out today to buy some swimming togs - my 'old' ones were old, and I discarded them recently, so if I am to take advantage of the swimming pools around here (public ones I mean) I had to get new ones and Target had a special on this week, so I thought I'd see what was available there.

However, before I got there I happened to see a display in the window of Noni-B - new range of clothes suitable for travel - don't need ironing and fold up neatly and take up little space in the luggage.  (Have I mentioned my new purple suitcases??)  Anyway soon I was trying on these garments and a lovely lady Jo helped me.  Had a few laughs.  I told her that I had long been an admirer of Liz Davenport garments and I was most surprised to learn that she did not know of Liz Davenport.  Liz is from Western Australia, but has had shops all around Australia and I was a BIG fan a long time ago.  Even had quite a range of garments most of which I ruined in the clothes dryer once.  I still have one jacket left and I love it.  Wear it often in the cooler months (It is long sleeved).

I did buy some black pants at Noni B, and a purple top that I may wear to the Wynnum Chamber event tonight, and then on to Target and the togs.   I took 5 garments into the fitting rooms and came out with a two piece, and looked unsuccessfully for some sort of neck to ankle garment that I could use to hide my increasing adipose tissue that is clinging to my legs, arms, bum etc.  New year goal - lose 10 kgs at least.

And on the way back found this gorgeous purple shirt - so had that with me at the check out too.  Mmmm.  No spending for a while, but I am happy with everything I purchased, but not happy with my body. 


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