Friday, November 25

Lotus Flower growing locally

I've noticed the pond, with the leaves which looked quite out of place in outer suburban Brisbane. I knew they looked like lotus leaves, but until today I had seen no flower.

It is one of the weird things about house sitting - being taken out of your home territory, and showing you how and where other people live and it is highly unlikely that I would have seen this little patch of amazing flowers growing - if I had remained in my 'old stamping ground.'

The Lotus Flower is spectacular - as a bud it reaches to the sky from its murky depths in a pond, often with water heavily polluted.  It makes one wonder how such beauty can develop in such sordid water!  The small bud reaches up, growing fatter all the time, and when it is almost ready to bloom it is a quite spectacular perfect specimen.

As it opens there is more perfection, and even when it is almost 'spent' it has remarkable beauty.

I drove past and resolved to return via this road, which I did, and armed with my little Samsung camera, I took some photos.  I'll go back later with the Canon.

Here are some photos I took when I was in China


Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

Hi Di. So you look after Lotus flowers too?

Our elections tomorrow. Glad the campaign is over.

Di Hill said...

No Peter, but I just love flowers and found these not far from where I am house sitting.