Saturday, November 5

House sitting Challenges

There are always challenges with house sitting and two have affected me in the last week or so.  One is getting away.  It is not so easy to take a few days away - as here I have a little dog to arrange for alternate accomodation, and the other is storage of stuff.  The latter has not been a problem, as though my husband and are separated, we still had the house where much of my stuff was 'stored.' But the house is now sold and I have an assortment of boxes here at the house sit - some of which I have 'gone through' and I'll have to find space for them somewhere.  I don't have my own digs - so, as I say, it is a challenge.

Last week I flew to Adelaide for a few days - had to be there for my Mum's 96th birthday.  She had a lovely time, though her memory is such that the following day she had no recollection of it all.  Sad but true.

Mum on her 96th Birthday

The dog had gone to the Gold Coast to stay with the owner's brother, but I had to drive down to pick him up on my return, and that was the day the house had to be cleared out.  Oh, what a day!  I'm still trying to recover.

In Adelaide we scattered dad's ashes at his beloved bowls club, and I visited a friend in a nursing home, as well, I managed to visit something that I don't ever recall seeing, a famous place in Adelaide - the old gum tree.

My little red car at the Old Gum Tree park

This marks the spot
The Old Gum Tree
I don't recall that as a child I had ever been there - yet it played such a huge part in the early history of South Australia and it is quite possible that some of my ancestors were there on that great day in history.

Now I shall go and pack some boxes...................

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