Thursday, November 17

House Sitting and Writing

I knew the connection - a long time ago.  Years ago when I was seeking peace and quiet to be able to concentrate on writing I 'found' house sitting.  My first house sitting jobs were taken so that I could 'shut out' the real world and concentrate on my writing.

It worked - and I continue to do it, especially to help me with study time. I find that few friends and family visit as I am in unfamiliar/distant territory, and I have no one but myself to worry about.  It is a sort of bliss.

Only this week though, the President of the Society of Women Writers passed on to me an email from a House Sitting organisation in the UK, which was celebrating its first birthday, and touting for business by encouraging writers to consider house sitting as a 'writing retreat'  Now, they were offering house sits in various countries of the world - based in the UK they have access to properties and people wanting house sitters in Europe.  Now that sounds like a good idea!

"Perhaps you could gain inspiration from 3 months calm and space in the mountains of South West France, the remote beauty of Western Ireland, 6 months on the beautiful island of Menorca, 2 months on stunning Maui or maybe a relaxing Christmas in snowy Canada. "  says the email from Trusted House Sitters.  

Check the website here Trusted HouseSitters.  There is a small fee to join, and I may consider joining when I am free to do more house sitting, but I may be booked until mid 2012.  Just awaiting confirmation.

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