Sunday, November 13

Authors Fair at Maroochydore

It was a long time since I  had been to Maroochydore, and I doubt that my 'new' has made such a long jaunt for a while.  (It is Dad's old car, which he bequeathed to me which is still in fantastic condition even after 15 years!)  With two writing friends from Queensland Society of Women Writers, we set off at 8 am for the Author's Fair at Maroochydore.  I'd printed out the instructions for my 'navigator' from the RACQ website, and set off.

Travelling was ok on the freeway - traffic travelled smoothly and we were soon at our destination.  Many authors had stands promoting their books, the Lions Club was there for a sausage sizzle, and CWA provided sandwiches.  It was all well organised, though some aspects of it, we noted, so that we would not do that in the event that we held a similar one.

We spent most of the day there - wandering around, speaking to other authors and yes, buying books.  I met Anne Clark - who is a health consultant and had to buy her book "Lose Weight while you sleep and eat" and another book about Karratha in WA.  I did spend quite a bit of time chatting with Anne, and no doubt will have some contact with her in the future. 

At one stage we walked over to the Maroochydore shopping complex - just to get more money!  

We found the little workshops challenging - mostly information that we knew, and they were held in a corner of the hall - making it a challenge for stall holders to talk with anyone who visited their stalls during the period.  Still it was interesting.

About mid afternoon we packed up for the return journey which was a little eventful.  About 25 minutes after we left we came across a traffic hold up on the highway - fire engines arrived, and drivers climbed out of their cars to see what had stopped us.  It was difficult to determine, but later we discovered a car had caught fire.  The fire was put out, and the traffic flowed again.

We stopped next at a fruit barn, as I was keen to get some water - it had been a hot day.

We made it home in good time - and the old car did well.  Not one unhappy murmur from it.

Is it a record?  All authors reading from their books in a record making attempt, with our own Joan Turnour reading from hers.  (I did not hear if they broke the record.)

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