Frustration Station

I have had some challenges with Internet connection in the last few weeks which has given me a 'rest' from electronic playthings but very frustrating.

Life is back to normal now, but have some catch up to do.  All's well on the house sitting front but two things have occurred.

1.  We have had some violent storms - thunder, lightning, hail, winds, damage, deaths etc - and while I have been safe and not fearful as the storms passed here with little more than a lot of huff and noise, Marti is not impressed.  Yesterday it was at 4 am and the poor little blighter just crawled closer to me on the bed.  He didn't shake much, not like a couple of days earlier when I did give him a sedative.  He really does get worked up.

Yesterday I was out when the storm came, but I had given him his little piece of pill, and he was ok when I arrived home, though a little wet.  Perhaps he had been hiding under a bush when the rain came!

2.  As this house sit is due to end on January 20th, I am looking around for the next one.  I met a guy at Griffith Uni last week who is going to contact me as he plans to go away, but SB has suggested that she will consider another semester in China and has asked if I will be available.  I have told her that I will stay on, but have asked her to confirm with me by the end of November.  That still gives me time to make other plans if I have to.

2012 should be interesting.  Yesterday I attended the Digital Writers' Conference at The Edge.  Awesome.  I'm not far behind those at the top of their game - though am not earning the dollars they are.


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