Friday, September 30

What is it with me and trains?

Only last week I had a drama when the trains did not work for some 5 hours and stranded me in the city and I had quite a time getting to my destination.  Last week it was a pigeon the caused the drama.

I did procrastinate as I am not feeling 100%, but in the end I went to the GU Friends of the Library event last night.  I noticed as we passed through Cannon Hill (on the train) that there was a fire - in an old building that was to be demolished as part as a redevelopment. Incidentally the second time in as many weeks that it has been the 'victim' of a great fire.  Vandals maybe - but it was well alight at 5 pm and I estimated 10 fire engines were there. (The Courier Mail were to report later that there were 15.)  So it was a BIG fire.

The Griffith event was the best yet.  The guy from Cork University was a delightful man, with a fantastic presentation about Cork University - and their projects.  One of which is called "The Great Book of Ireland" which was produced in the 1990's.  The University asked writers, artists, poets etc to contribute on page which they did on vellum.  Eventually it was all put together (work by some 120 folk) as the Book of Ireland.  You may have heard of the Book of Kells, which I saw at Trinity College, Dublin when I was there.  The Book of Ireland is a modern take on the old Book of Kells. 

John Fitzgerald, the CU guy, had some DVD's on the project and I have one - I look forward to watching it.  You can watch the video below and learn about the project.

So after some divine food, chatting etc, I headed off to the train for the return trip, and it was announced that the train would not be going to Cleveland, but to Dutton Park and we would be bussed from there to Murrarie.  Apparently the fire caused a lot of smoke and other damage and all the power was cut off in the area, so no trains.

Me and buses?  Having just eaten, I feared my travel sickness would cause me embarrassment, so I managed a seat in a bus that was going direct to Murrarie and in the front seat, just in case.  The trip was uneventful. Actually sat next to a guy from Northern Ireland!

So at Murrarie, we got off the bus, and crossed over to wait for our train to finish our journey - I only had to stations to get to.  We waited on the platform (two busloads of us) for the train that was due in 6 -7 minutes.  We waited.  Then there was an announcement that the trains were all functioning and that 'our' train would be in about 30 minutes.  So we were offered to finish our journey in the buses.  So back across the line and into the bus.

I arrived back at Wakerley at 9 pm - one and a half hours after getting to South Bank stations. Grrr.  What is it with me and trains/buses?

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