Shingles and More.....

At long last I have found the cause of some of my health problems - it was Shingles.  Now this weird and painful illness is usually marked by an awesome rash, but so far the rash has not appeared.  I just have the pain - and that is severe. Thinking back I've had symptoms for ages, but with all the trauma in my life lately, I just considered it to be 'stress'.  Well, stress is one of the triggers for Shingles, and it is always difficult to determine which comes first.  In any case the extruciating cold I felt in Adelaide was in part the awful weather, but it was also the Shingles.  Now I think back to the sensation that my bones in my legs had frozen like ice - next time (and I hope there is not a next time) I will be more attune to the symptoms.  I've started on the medication now so hopefully it will resolve quickly.  But the weather in sunny Brisbane has turned cold.  For me literally excruciatingly cold.  Hopefully I will quickly improve.

I had a few things on during the week and managed them.  The big event for me was the Writers Festival, and despite the cold biting chilly winds I went - all rugged up and much more comfortable within the confines of the buildings for sessions.

There were two events that I attended - I actually missed one (was a little late!)

One was about Feminism.  The website says "Proud feminists Mridula Koshy, Leslie Cannold and Jane Caro" in discussion with Paul Barclay of Radio National ABC.  It was most interesting to hear their views on the past of Feminism and the future - but as they all pointed out there are plenty of things left to do.  It will be replayed on Radio National at some stage, so anyone interested can keep up to date via the website. 

There was question time - and some interesting questions, but one question/comment was made by a girl behind me.  I could't see her, but she introduced herself as a 'lesbian feminist activist' or similar.  I felt like getting up and saying 'why do we need to know your sexual preference' - do those of us who are 'heterosexual' announce our preferences?  I guess it shows that I'm not a fan of lesbianism, I can accept it for others, but I wonder why they need to announce it.  Is it a badge of honour?

I look forward to hearing the program when it is on Radio National - and I am glad I can download it to my phone or mp3 player.

The other session I attended was most interesting too. Students from a TAFE Literacy and Numeracy program spoke about what was beautiful for them.  It was a project that produced a magazine where students showed photos and wrote words about their life, and often what they say as beautiful in their own countries.  Some spoke of the national dress, with detail about the meaning of various decorations on the person.  Most interesting. 

It was strange - I was there for most of the afternoon - on my own.  I had not made arrangements to go/meet anyone, but thought I'd see someone I knew.


Your comment about the lesbian who stood up and introduced herself was right on the spot. I have always thought that I do not introduce myself as a heterosexual white woman who does not care about anyone's sexual preference as long as you don't do it in front of me - gay or straight.

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