Friday, September 23

The Pigeon and the Power outage.

I had gone to South Bank to meet a friend/fellow uni student to look at some things at the State Library, Gallery of Modern Art and The Edge.  We met at South Brisbane station and walked slowly to the arts precinct, and had coffee and cake at the gallery coffee place.  It was there that we met a guy who overheard us speaking and offered us some suggestions using his iPad.  Mmmm.  I have got to have one!

We went on to GOMA, though there was not a lot there at the time that interested us, so we wandered back to The Edge and spent some time exploring the amazing technology they have on their Apple Mac's.  We had a staff member help us - and made plans to return. 

Then it was back to the Coffee place and a bite for lunch.  CD had to go on to another appointment, so we walked back together.  Near the station CD went ahead to her appointment and I learned that my afternoon was going to get a whole lot messy. 

I had been going to catch the train to Sherwood - to hand over a parcel of goodies to a lady who is travelling to China today (they were for my friend, whose house I am currently minding), but there were no trains working. 

It appears that some hours previously a pigeon had flown into some high voltage power lines, and caused a major power blackout.  Trains were not operating in the city and had not been for nearly two hours when I needed to get one.

The bus stop was not far away, so I set out to get to Sherwood by bus - and after quite a long wait a bus came along which was destined for that part of town.  I boarded.  Now, I don't like buses.  I can cope if the route does not wind round and round, but, this one did, and eventually my car sickness problem arose.  I just got off the bus - rather than throw up!  It was near a train station, so I waited there and phoned the lady who was to meet me at Sherwood, and soon I had handed over my parcel, and returned to the station to determine how I got home.

Trains were still not working, but a series of buses and taxis were taking people.  The Queensland Rail man said the taxi would take me to Central.  (I guessed, rightly as it turned out, that Central would be chaotic, and asked if I could go to Park Road station, which he arranged for me.  Luckily.)

Sitting in the taxi, with my stomach rather churned from my previous venture in the bus, I was barely making it.  As we wound around and around, I just hoped that we would reach the destination before I emptied the contents of my stomach.

Luckily we did, and I made it to the train platform.  A short walk and a short wait and the train came along and took me back to my 'home' station.  I had 'wasted' around 3 hours!  I might add that apart from the car sickness I was not well.  I'm still suffering from Shingles and my arm pain was giving me problems. 

Back to Wynnum and I had to pick up my (formerly Dad's) car, take it to my daughter's and then make my way back home.  What a day!!!

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