Tuesday, September 20

Manly Markets

On Saturday I ventured to the Manly Markets - well, to Jan Power's Market at Manly - which is held once a month.  The weather was divine - sunshine and pleasantly warm, and at that time of the day (morning) the air was still.

Manly Harbour

On the Edge of the Markets under a rand Moreton Bay Fig Tree
I wasn't in for a big spend - bought some wonderful garlic (which is hanging by the back door - much to the amusement of the grand children) - but according to instructions given by the grower, and some parsnip yoghurt, and some weird jelly beads.

I had never seen them before - the stand featured glass containers with different coloured jelly beads, and rows of plastic bags with starter beads.  Of coure I purchased some purple ones, and am fascinated about them.

There's a video showing some clear ones in a science experiment.  I filled a jar with the tiny purple beads and watched as the added water was sucked in, and they grew.  Quite strange really. 

Will have to get some photos......

The markets are always great - I love it that we can purchase products direct from the grower or manufacturer at better prices usually than can be had in the supermarket.  The fruit and vegetables especially, but there are meats, fish, icecreams, biscuits, continental foods etc.  Such a variety and if nothing else it is a great place to visit - such wonderful atmosphere.

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