I just love flowers.  Perhaps it is due to my family's involvement  with flowers - my mother was an enthusiastic hobbiest flower arranger, doing Ikebana as well as other traditional floral art forms, and my sister is a florist.  Our family in recent years had a flower farm - we grew gerberas - and it was one of the best things as we almost always had fresh flowers - and lots of them - in the house.

Here at this house sit - there are no flowers in the garden - something I will change shortly after all it is SPRING, and the best time to grow annuals so I have some plans to get some things into pots in the garden here.

However, last week I learned that Aldi had orchids on sale, so I purchased one.  I was looking for a purple one, but there were none left on the stand, so I took another beauty which I will enjoy.

I took this photo with my Samsung digital camera, purchased at Dick Smith.  And Yes, they do do deals.


Debbie said…
House-sitting, a job I sometimes dream of having, but alas, there is no market for it in the country where I live.

Continue to enjoy, I could only imagine, lol :)

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