Saturday, September 24

Dinner with a friend

After the drama of the previous day, I needed a rest.  So I decided to have a quiet day.  That "went out the window" when I received an email from my tutor at uni saying I was late with an assignment.  Panic set in and I checked on the Assignment program with deadlines and there was no mention of the document she was seeking. 

I scanned furiously through the Uni website and there it was - a one liner in a spot that clearly I had not seen, asking for a two page document detailing ideas for the final assessment.  Fortunately I had much of it done for the final assessment so within a couple of hours I had sent it to her.  Just a little annoyed that we (a) don't have a newsletter type communication for our course or external students, and (b) that the requirement to do the document was not listed in the course due dates etc.

Still, without too much drama I had it done.  I am trying to rest and get well, so any dramas in my life are unwelcome at the moment.  Tried to have a sleep in the afternoon, but the phone rang a couple of times, and I gave up.

Last night I went to a friend's place for a lovely dinner.  Her MM was away, so the two of us shared a great 'chin wag' along with a delightful meal, and a bottle of bubbly.

She runs a Costume Sales and Hire business - and I had a peek at her new costumes in readiness for Halloween.

Scary folk to have in one's home!!!!!

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