Saturday, September 10

Catching up with 'old' friends.

It has been an extra ordinary week.  Firstly, a phone call on Sunday night, late, to inform me that my mother had been taken to hospital - so soon after my father passed away, it was a shock and I immediately made plans to go to Adelaide, and probably would have gone if I had been able to get on a plane - but there were few seats (all expensive) and I had also to make arrangements for the dog.  I hesitated and played a 'wait and see' approach.  As it turns out Mum recovered and is out of hospital.  The burden of it all fell on the 'shoulders' of my sister - and I know how stressed she is.

I'd been plagued by shoulder pain and during the week had another visit to the chiropractor, but during the week worked out that it was Shingles again, so back to the doctor and an injection.

On Wednesday I went to the big Westfield Carindale shopping centre, and walking around I literally bumped into someone I had not seen for around 20 years.  We had worked together - she lived north of Sydney and I in Brisbane, but we worked for the same company and went to Singapore for a conference.  We had quite a short chinwag, exchanged contact details, and made plans to meet up.

The next person I caught up with was in the medical centre when I went for one of my Chiro appointments - we'd been friends for years but become busy with life and though we lived less than 1 km from each other, had not made contact for some time.  Again we exchanged contact details and made plans.

I had been phoned some time ago by an old friend - going back to the 1960's - the couple were due in Brisbane on Friday 9th September on board the Dawn Princess, a P and O liner doing a cruise around Australia.  So we met up with them at Dockside.  Coffee, nibbles and a glass of wine in Byblos, with the ship just a few feet away.

What a busy week.

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