Cookie dough - Raw or Cooked?

The local Scouts had a fundraising drive and sold cookie dough in tubs.  I bought one.  With two grand daughters in the Scouts, I had to.  Didn't I?   White chocolate and macadamia nut cookies.  I put the whole tub in the freezer - it keeps longer that way.  Mmmm.

Later I thought I'd defrost it a little and make little parcels of cookie dough so that when I was ready to cook it, I could just bake small batches.  So I defrosted the dough and started creating small parcels to wrap in cling wrap and replace in the freezer.  Now it was soft I tasted it.  Yum.  Yum.  I'll just keep a little parcel for nibbling.

I guess the calories are the same whether they are cooked or not?  So I had a few more nibbles.  Equal to two cookies?  Maybe? 

So one parcel is eaten - and no, it didn't see inside the oven.  I ate it all without cooking.  So that way it is more economical.  No electricity was used in the preparation of this cookie?  Would I get away with that?

It turns out I am not the only one that has found out how tasty the cookie dough is.  Someone I know - no names - as also eaten quite a lot of cookie dough.

Still, it doesn't matter does it?  The Scouts raised some money, and the cookie company I assume has made some money.

I still have six bundles of cookie dough.  I wonder how much will be cooked.  When can I order some more???


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