Time goes by...........

It is hard to settle down.  I am somewhat disconnected - still trying to overcome the stress of the death of my father, and the events surrounding that event in Adelaide.  I've been back for nearly a week but can't settle.  The particularly cold mornings make it hard for me to get going, and I am finding life quite difficult.  I have no doubt that I am suffering from stress - I've been to Adelaide twice, and not been settled at all for nearly 6 weeks now.  I am behind with my studies.  As well, the house owners return in about 10 days and I go again to Adelaide.  As I say - it is hard to settle down.

I love the house - it is all on one level, and an easy house to get around, though is quite big, hence cold in the mornings.  I can sit in the office area with the reverse cycle air conditioner on the heat mode and warm up, but freeze when I go out of it.  I am still waking around 6 am - but don't seem to get going until around 9 am.

Today I will make a concerted effort on my studies.  I must, I must - or I have wasted $$$'s and time.

I am trying to take it slowly though...........

Some comments about houses.  I do like to have my own things around me.  I do of course use my own bed linen and towels etc, and as I like to cook there are some things in the kitchen that I list as 'must haves'.  This kitchen did not have a stick blender - I love the ease of using one to make a puree or whip together vegetables into soup etc.  I like my own crockery too - though only some basics. 

Each house is different - some have a great supply of kitchen appliances and others have appliances that I do not normall use - and tend to ignore anyway.  I do try and keep it simple, and I figure if I don't use things I won't break them.  It is always a worry to me that I break or mismanage some item in a house.

This house comes with little Marti - and we get on well, mostly.  He's good - he lets me know when he is hungry or when he needs to go outside.  I am not too keen on him sleeping on the bed with me - and I find sometimes he will sleep on the floor, but during the night when I am sleeping, sneak up and onto the bed.  I wake up to see a little white furry thing staring into my face, with his teeth showing a reather weird smile. He's a bit scruffy at the moment, so hope to arrange a visit to the groomer next week.

I am looking forward to returning after my three week break - the owners are off to China to work and I will be here untilearly 2012.  What I will do in 2012 is still a myster to me.  We will see.

I will have about 12 days in Adelaide - hopefully catching up on my studies, and doing some things to settle unfinished business of my father.


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